By Ritam

As if a Himalayan peak
Assumed a perfect Face antique,
In me appeared suddenly She…
The abysm-look though the Time’s sea,
The features’ beauty soft and calm
Pouring deep sweetness’ ether-balm…
And all of Her just Grace, just Peace…
The Love immortal’s nectar-bliss
Was incarnated in Her lines,
And Wisdom’s sacred honey-wine,
And Mercy’s tender soothing mead
That bears all creatures’ burden-need,
Revives and cures and directs
And in the storms of life protects…
O Face supreme, O deathless Glance!
You smote forever me at once…
Oh, how to live? Oh, what to do?
How can I always be in You?
My heart was blown with Your eyes…
I’m Yours, I’m Yours for endless times…
To love just You, just You to see,
To sing just You, in You to be…
My heart was crashed with Your eyesurge,
With the divinest orbs’ discharge…
August and meek it calmly gleamed
More marvellous than all I dreamed —
The Goddess eyes’ advertent light,
That overshine all beauties bright,
Has pierced my heart… The verse’s complete…
I’m done… I’m prone at Your feet…

March 23, 2011
Madhuban, Himalayas
The Honey Forest of Krishna and Radha


The Goddess eyes’ calm heedful light,
That overshine all beauties bright,
Inspired my heart with a new verse —
I am revived at the feet of Yours!

* * *

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