It will be

Now it’s a time to admire a wonderful sunset for me,
And I want to run by barefoot to the whispering sea.
And here, on the balcony, I’ll stand in a silk dressing gown,
Taking the fresh air, which taste is well-known.
The sun soon will set, flaming progressively less
And I’ll close my eyes just to hear a sound of waves,
And the magical breeze will touch lightly my face,
Telling the secrets of depths of the sea I’ll erase.
So, it will disarrange with the evening breathing my hair,
I will see my reflection in water; I guess that it’s fair.
I will touch by my hand an unruffled surface,
And I’ll see for the last time my happy and smiling face…
He will enter my room insensibly, with his charming quiet,
I know that he smiles - at once I’ll feel him behind.
He’s the best, and I don’t want my daydream to stop.
Now good-bye, it was perfect, but I need to wake up…