The King of the Light

The King of the Light.

Ex promt.

When my home was dark
When my heart was old
When I was alone
You come as wind in my life
You began the new way of the time
You bring the light in my room
You sing the song for me.
I wait you at my work,
but you are far from me.
The silence of my telephone
is make me ill.
The King of the Light,
turn your power.
Think about me,
Sing for me,
tell with me.
Where are you now,
The King of the Light?
I wait you few days.
I play my finish game.
19. 6. 2009

Марина,в моей жизни тоже есть Король света-добрый гений,который очень много сделал для меня.У Вас это наверно белый стих?

Оксана Наумова2   24.08.2011 17:24     Заявить о нарушении