It, s ok

Had fallen down from my selfish top.
I have enough shit in my boat.
What does it mean I,m broken?
I have already dropped.

Oh baby, do not be afraid!
When fairytale gone bad
I’ve never been so sad
As would if you don’t make me mad.


It’s ok, my baby!
Yes, it’s ok.
Look at me, I’m ok, I’m so glad.
It’s ok, my baby!
Yes, it’s ok.
Free way to Wonderland.

I’ll never say to you
How much I love your blue,
How long I fear of true.
Please, tell me what I can do?

Step forward and two back.
I’ll take this stone on my neck.
Im blind and all around is black
So give me please your hand!


We’ll go far away from here.
You’ll smile to me, I feel.
No more pain and words to say!
Far away, baby!
So far away!


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