Гумилев - You will recall me

You will recall me - likely, more than once,
And you'll recall my world, both strange and dreamy,
The funny world where songs and fires dance,
And yet - the only one that's not deceiving.

It could have been your chosen world as well.
Perhaps it was too much for you, too little.
Perhaps, instead of Heaven, I begged Hell
For you alone, with poems badly written.

But every time you'll wearily give way
And you will say "I dare not remember,
Because the earthly world led me astray,
Its raw and simple charm made me surrender".


Ещё не раз Вы вспомните меня
И весь мой мир, волнующий и странный,
Нелепый мир из песен и огня,
Но меж других единый необманный.

Он мог стать Вашим тоже, и не стал,
Его Вам было мало или много,
Должно быть плохо я стихи писал
И Вас неправедно просил у Бога.

Но каждый раз Вы склонитесь без сил
И скажете: "Я вспоминать не смею,
Ведь мир иной меня обворожил
Простой и грубой прелестью своею".

Finally, the true voice of Gumilev can be heard in English.

Беляева Дина   28.06.2009 22:56     Заявить о нарушении
I decided to post this translation because it's one of my very favourite poems.
Thank you - and thank you for your thoughtful suggestions that, as you can see, I incorporated into this translation!

Кристина Девулите   28.06.2009 23:05   Заявить о нарушении
But you pull it off and made it shine through.

I did the same with Mandelstam translations (thought they are my personal bests),
but hardly anyone noticed, even when I attempted to promote them.
Nothing more, the rest are under lock and key :)

Беляева Дина   28.06.2009 23:56   Заявить о нарушении
Excellent! We'll keep on working then! Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon:)

Кристина Девулите   29.06.2009 00:01   Заявить о нарушении