Night reflections

Night reflections…

I like peace and comfort of quiet nights -
After merciless fighting in broad daylight,
Where reason takes over feelings and life
Is forever envenomed by hatred and lies.

Reality’s cruel and dream is kind,
It favors whatever you have in mind,
A heavenly fortune, a lifetime wish
It grants you as easily as a whim.

You may take a flight to the Moon overnight,
Enjoy unforgettable Ferrari ride,
Possess all the reaches the Earth can hide,
Be king of a realm with an absolute might.

For me, though, feeling in life so missed,
Is warmth of your arms, this eternal bliss,
If only in there I could obtain
Forever indefinite leave to stay!

My dreams is my kingdom; however, I
Would leave fairy realm of magic night,
Renounce the crown of mighty queen...
To meet morning dawn of the coming spring.

I’ll have no regrets for the throne I quit,
Forget all the treasures and royal suite;
The gold of the Moon, diamond shine of stars
Can not be compared to eyes of love.

Feb 2006