Tram blues

[1]You don't care where you're going
On the last tram into the night
As long as it takes you away
From the sharpness of city lights

What's going on in a girl's mind
Is impossible to understand
And now you're holding your harp
Instead of her tender hand

Let the pain out with the sound of the blues
Let it clear your mind
Love tends to turn a man into a fool
And the way back can be hard
Let your emotions out into the darkness
Let them flow with the breeze
The music will help you to stay strong
And to retain your peace

[2]The people are leaving the wagon
Soon only one couple is left
A wink, a smile exchanged between eyes -
And they have started to dance

A smile arouses in your eyes
And deep in your heart you know
Someday it will be your turn to dance
To the music of someone's soul