I wanna

I want the words that make a woman crazy.
I want the words that make a woman mad.
I wanna hear them and i wanna taste them
From the tip of your tongue, come on, my lad!

I want the touch that makes my skin get burning,
I want the touch that can make my tongue scream,
I wanna see you falling for me, yearning
For beauty of my body and your dream.

I wanna slowly, carefully guide you,
To show you way into my deepest part.
I wanna know which animal's inside you
And if it can leave traces on my heart.

But I dont wanna promise love forever
And I dont wanna hear it from your lips.
It's just a moment and to give it - better
For you than just read lines with all these tips...

горячая вещица!!))


Мейскалито   26.09.2008 14:45     Заявить о нарушении
Мда.. Спасибо !!

Мейлинг Ирина   26.09.2008 19:58   Заявить о нарушении