limericks about my friends

There once was Juan Salazar
who thought he was a big movie star.
He said hi to Schwarzenegger
And to Rene Zellweger,
But for some reason they thought he’s bizarre.

There once was Juan Salazar
Who thought he was a son of a tsar.
He claimed rights for the throne
In a delicate tone,
But instead he was put in the ambulance car.

There was Anna Strauss from Russia
Who wanted to be so impartial
That when she had to be a judge
In a championship match
She declared herself a field marshal.

There was Paulinka from Poland
Who danced very nice in a dance band.
Once we went to a pub,
After that to a club,
And we finished our night on the sea-strand.

There was once Antoine Pelegrin,
Whose intelligence was very keen.
But one day he met Russians
They had lots of discussions
And he thought how much crazy they’ve been

There was once some Bashirova Flura
Who was always in a hurry-scurry.
She decided to cram
Right before the exam
Cause her notion of German was blurry.