She is a wolf

1. Through years of wars she’s been trying to live.
 No help and no hope, no, she won’t receive
 Even letter from home,
 But she’ll never give up.
 She’s a wolf.

 She’s blaming herself in all what’s going on.
 Though she has a friend, she is always alone.
 Her love is so close,
 So she’s not giving up.
 She’s a wolf.


You hear she’s calling from night.
No fear, she’s keeping the fight with herself an her mind,
She’s waiting for sun and for light.
She’s a wolf.

2. Something inside makes her calling your name,
 Nevertheless you are staying the same.
 Singing for moon she will never give up.
 She’s a wolf.

 Watching those people are hunting her blood,
 Smiling when you seldom tell her she’s smart,
 Living for you she will never give up.
 She’s a wolf.


3. If you just take her hand, she’ll have the power to fight.
 If you look in her eyes, you’ll know she is totally right
 That she’ll never give up.


May 2006.