I m not an angel

I was unjustly accused of being free,
And people set me in a golden cage.
I try to sing – that’s only to engage
Your attention. Will you come to me?

I’m not an angel. Looking forward I
Just cannot find my way, my truthful way.
My drawbacks trapped me, so what will you say?
Your love’s the only thing that makes me cry.

I won’t give up, I promise, I’ll not die.
I do have power and I’ll break these rings.
I’m not an angel. Why do I have wings?
You look at me and see that I can fly.


Your poem seems to have inspired me for a poetic comment:

They say that giving wings to men
Is God's resourceful plan,
To watch us play and lose again
And take them when we're done.

So use your wings to light the love
Of him, who's in your heart,
He'll see you fly regardless of
You having wings... or not.


Арт Маус   16.07.2007 23:09     Заявить о нарушении
I wish I had known the nature of freedom better. Though... Perhaps, I wouldn't have written this poem if I had felt the pain of losing the wings earlier. Never let your love be your wings as you have little chance to save them for two people, not only for yourself. However, the only thing that can make me fly is love. Unfortunately, not the love for freedom... I'm boring, and so are my poems. Nevertheless, thank you.

Анна Долгополова   17.07.2007 01:36   Заявить о нарушении
There is something very important in my opinion that I'd like to add. A woman can get wings only in love with a man. A man can get them in two ways: from God or like a woman's gift. Do you feel the difference?

Анна Долгополова   17.07.2007 01:41   Заявить о нарушении
You think only love can wing a woman? Well, not for me to argue about, so I'll just take it for granted. As for a man, you're absolutely right :o)

I see nothing boring about you or your poems. On the contrary, your vision appears very interesting to me. I'm gonna drop by :o)

If you want to draw attention to your poems or to listen to some criticisms maybe you should enter some contest. There are many here. Here's one:

Арт Маус   17.07.2007 08:43   Заявить о нарушении
Well, then you appear to be a bit crazy... =))

Wow! The more I come here, the more I feel this place is great! Unfortunately, I don't have much time because I'm entering the university at the moment... Maybe later... Though I don't feel I am to take part in poetry contests. I am better in composing music, songs particularly... but poetry...

Анна Долгополова   17.07.2007 22:53   Заявить о нарушении
I reckon that a bit of a craziness is a must for a human character. Without it... Well, that's what I call a boring person :o)

Songs, that's interesting. I also think that song lyrics differ a lot from poems. There's more freedom, more space for emotions. Though I myself wrote a song only once. My poems are not "musical" :o)

I see you have put me in your "Recommended authors" list. I did the same, and not only of pure poiteness. I really like your poems.

Good luck with your exams!

Арт Маус   18.07.2007 00:46   Заявить о нарушении
well... thanks! about poems...the same to you! =))

Анна Долгополова   18.07.2007 11:58   Заявить о нарушении