Political Systems

Despotism, Democracy
Or ruling Autocracy
There is no difference; it’s just the same,
And no one is here to carry the blame.
Everyone wants power,
Tea and cool shower.
Everybody’s envy, everybody’s jealous.
Who will take those fellows
To the prisons or even to the “green mile”?
Who will shut up ‘em all
And erase their junkie smiles?
No One. And I wanna show ya:
It’s a circle,
And no one can stop it.
Every leader,
No matter what he seems us,
Wanna drag us, wanna stamp out,
And if he himself is stamped out,
He is nothing. He’s almost like we are.
So, who rules us?
Who feeds and confuses us?
You can’t answer?
And I don’t need your answer,
But just think,
And maybe you’ll see the brink.
Since the first days
People needed someone to rule them.
Monarchs were gods,
And ministers – demi-gods.
But the people questioned
Their right to rule,
And monarchs had to loose.
Monarchy split
Into absolute and limited,
But there power was unlimited,
Though it seemed to be limited
By parliament and people.
But they killed the people
In total anger.
A party rules, a party looses,
And the people wins,
Charging their freedoms,
And thus giving power
To the strongest, to the cruelest,
But with cunningness and mind,
Who led them forward,
By making them cry.
Later the power passed to idea,
To make a pure,
A god-like race,
And the world to be changed,
And make people slaves,
By giving ‘em freedoms.
And countries split into federative and unitary,
Which make up the universe,
But also destroy it, offending, defending,
Covering up the faces,
And destroying races.
But the people agreed, people approved,
And no one even tried to smooth
Totalitarianism, despotism ‘n’ killing,
And everyone goes on living,
Raising kids, making families,
And hoping to loose their enemies.