Hungry Beast

You were betrayed,
You are enslaved.
You can't be changed,
It's your last stand.
I can see it
In your eyes.
I can hear it
In your cries.
You can't stop it!
It's growing, it's crawling,
It's eating you up alive.
We're crying and frowning
'Cause we're gonna die.
It's a beast,
That cannot cease
It's hunger.
It's gonna feast,
It has disease,
That is called hunger.
You've been born,
You've been killed,
You're better die,
You're better live.
There's nothing inside you
It's just right behind you
Wherein and herein
You are within it
You are the part of
You are the slave of
A beast, that's eating
That's smiling and killing
You - From – The - Inside!