Be a leader

1 Be yourself

Wanna find your place in life?

Never follow, lead your path.
Have a mission in your life,
Take a valuable pastime.

Make more time to be alone.
Never ape   act on your own.

2 Love your life

Your attitude has so much value!

Thats the way you make your life.
Mind your pictures in your head,
If theyre negative youre dead!

Youll be plaged to death by this.
Your lifes happy, grasp it, please!

3 Out of spirit? Read

If you feel a little dismal,

Theres no doubt you need more wisdom.
Novels, poems, short-stories
Thats no big, youll feel the strongest!

The authers verve will give you muse.
Just take a book, find no excuse!

4 Be self-composed

If you feel, your mind is blown,

Mind your head, give it some cold.
From the top, theres much to fall.
Cool your passion, take control!

Be self-composed, have placid mind!
Arders evil, not the kind.

5 No medications, calms your pill

Every nerve is breaking out?

Entangled thoughts, the noise is loud?
Give them a hoist and keep them still.
No medications, calms your pill.

Stop the time for God, be sane!
Who needs you when youre insane?

6 Be a learner, lifes a trial!

If you feel as though its hard

Be a learner, lifes a trial!
Having tests? Theyre just a platform.
You need them create your great form.

Having troubles thats why sad?
Give a smile thats not so bad!

7 No busy being busy

If you cannot think at all,

Stop, at once, your study crawl!
Keep in mind, your goal is not
Being busy all days long.

Full of vim but theres no vigours.
Let off steam, dont work like beavers.

8 Be aware, this day to live!

Its a morning. Wanna sleep?

Be aware, this day to live!
Vigil keepings a big deal.
Morning feelings not days feel.

Theres no way to loaf through life.
Just get up, no waste of time!

9 Did you go running this morning?

I went running, it was great!

Thats the thing which makes the state:
State of health and state of mind.
It gives you the feel of pride!

Strength of movements grows your virtues,
Makes improvements of your features.

10 Did you have some breakfast
this morning?

I had breakfast it was great!

Buckwheat porridge made my plate.
A cup of tea and some great honey
Youve no breakfast? Hmm, thats funny

Dont deprive yourself of steam,
Have morning meal, be full of vim!

11 Be a leader

Are you afraid of being great?

Never mind, thats idle threat.
Youve no fright, just make it clear,
Being leaders not your fear!

Virile courage, strength of will.
Manly minds your source of steam!

12 Be persistent

Feel theres something you could do?

Is there a goal youre getting to?
Dont stand still an hone your skill!
Whats the matter? Wheres your will?

Be persistent, keep in mind.
Times the value thats the prime.

13 No anger

Cant hold back your angry feelings?

They go crazy, you take beatings.
Pull yourself together, man!
Make no spirit, conquer them!

Kindy heart, no crafty thoughts
Having angers a dead frost .

14 Dont forget bout recovery

Are you toiling all days long?

Whats with you? Whats going on?
Love your work, dont make it grind!
Have a brain, just spare your mind!

Youve been slogging all the day.
Theres some fogging in your brain.

15 No technology one hour before going to sleep

Did you have some leaden slumber?

You feel nothing but fatigue?
Mind your actions before night!
If theyre right youll have your might.

No technology, its needed!
Throw your phone out, its forbidden!

16 A treasure

Are you alone with your deep feelings?

Thats like heaven, not a hell!
Listen to your inner voice.
Youre blessed, thats not a curse.

Theres a treasure deep in you.
Desolation is your clue.