It was a thousand times before,
And now it's just the same:
I saw you standing at my door,
I heard you call my name.

You step the porch, you touch my hand,
You say to me: "It's time
To leave the past, to go ahead
Without any sign.

You come with me, you leave no tracks.
The bridges are to burn.
You take with you your lights, your blacks
And things for you to learn.

You fear no dark, nor be too brave.
You gather all your thoughts.
You are no god. You are no slave.
Nor I am one of those.

You are the one to live your life,
To walk your path and way.
You promise not to tell a lie".
That’s what you were to say.

I say no word. I nod my head.
What answer I? You know.
Forgive your child, my native land,
Because I have to go.