life — the ancient
primitive idiots guide
when i opened this book
 i just saw a bright light
and that flash blind me out
i was gonna to die
not tomorrow — today
but i feeling delight
 and i feel that the freedom
revolving my chest
made my day yelling mayday
 just doing my best
i forgot my opinion
my fear my regret
i forgot all about
that i can`t forget
and i`m gonna to rise
not today but right now
and the coals of my eyeballs
falls making a sound

Sorry,but I think you don't need to put "to" after "gonna" because "Gonna" = "going to"
- Are you gonna hit my heart?
- You're gonna make me feel alright.

Алекс Яров   12.11.2014 15:32     Заявить о нарушении
Блaгодaрю зa зaмечaние, однaко я размышлял по этому поводу и пришел к выводу - с цнлью сохранить ритм пойти на эту маленькую оплошность...
Уж простите великодушно! :)

Влас Пегасов   12.11.2014 16:18   Заявить о нарушении