To who it may concern

To who it may concern, I have been living in united states ,  I am a poet and creative person, after I start shoving my poetry on Internet I feel that I was fallowed. I know surely that it is a conspiracy against me. I have been bothered every day in my own house, from the houses near by. I know that those people involved using shocking device that work on certain far range. Every day I feel shoke wave going trough my body, which cause me physical and  emotional pain, my nerves are shouting and sometimes i case fight and screams within my own family, cousing my family nerves brake down. I believe that this actions done by hired privet compony agents against me, are unlawful, and I ask the society, and the law organs for the involvement in such an action, so this would end, and those who involved in this, would be prosecuted in the court of law, according to the system of laws of the united states. Conspiracy, causing physical and mental pain, intrusion into privet personal life.

Because of this maters I couldn't work and pay my college in time, this people is also responsible in current situation I am facing that the collection agencies taking certain action agains me. I would like to find those that has been responsible, so this people could cower and return my loses to the loan compony. Because of the everyday stress, and fillings of shock waves, and being spied on, I was unable to normally work or function as an creative individual in the society, to even pay my own bills

спрятывшаясь стайка доносчиков беспокоющих людей из подтяжка, к таким мерзавцам ихними же способоми.

Постоянный свет
       выцветших нет,
Кто так просто пришел,
  И в ладах был собою!
И за это кого
 Подсталяя специально не бьют

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Гниды трусливые хитровыделанные прячущиеся и срущие изподтяжка такие де гниды в России народу срут

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На это произведение написаны 2 рецензии, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.