Some things remind me of intelligent woman

Some things remind me of intelligent woman.
Capable, powerful, precise,
not interested in charming ruins,
smiling without a shadow
                               of cowardice
to me as to the matter
                               of the past.

Leading her course under respected rulers:
babies, family, distinct craft.
Testing her spirit with exercises
of coexistence
                         and making love.
Interrupting affairs
                           with modest cough.

Some things remind me of jittering youngster
wearing clothes of old men.
Being no tenor always seeking
penultimate notes and
                                 dramatic scene,
leading life
                                 split into now and then.

I also wonder how they could fit together:
cornelian lightened with topaz.
Never set up in a precious necklace,
not engaged, nor broke
                                       with a fuss.
Coupled as words in the phrase:
                                       "Tout passe".

How could they avoid this bourgeois torture?
Stuck fiercely to the chosen path.
Ready to share a joke, but not future
kept living each given
                                       day and, alas,
Forgot love story
                                       imagined once.