1st valentine poem

You make me weak,
You make me strong,
You make me big...
Don't get me wrong:
It's not just dick,
That you make thick -
It is my soul,
That you make glow.
Five years ago,
When I felt low,
I came to chat
And saw your tat,
I felt a link -
In brain a clink -
I saw way more
Than just your mink:
I saw a spore
To fix my chink.
I pushed too hard,
Then I pulled back,
I dropped my guard
And then I quacked:
I said too much,
I lost my touch...
The loss of you,
Of smile and such:
Too hard to bear,
Without a crutch.
I wanted back,
I wanted you,
I lost my track,
I lost my fume.
I suffered pain,
But there was gain:
I found my path
(No easy math):
To keep you close,
If I get chance.
You're not like most -
You are a lance,
That pierced my heart